Functional Medicine

Medical doctors often simply focus on the symptoms of the illness or disease rather than the reason it has occurred. Functional Medicine, however, views everyone as a unique individual, which means that it treats the person, not just the symptoms or disease.

Tom Roselle
Dr Tom Roselle


This is a personalised approach to your healthcare which strives to restore the normal healing functions of the body and reduce inflammation, rather than just alleviating the symptoms of disease. We all have a unique make-up, which means we are all slightly different. Indeed, one imbalance in the human body may cause entirely different symptoms in different people.

Therefore, a “one size fits all” approach to a specific complaint or illness will not provide the same outcome for everyone. Instead of focusing on just your symptoms, Functional Medicine focuses on understanding which systems in the body are out of balance and then working to restore health.

Benefits of Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is what is referred to as ‘patient-centred’, rather than ‘disease centred’, taking into account our own unique differences and  focusing on the individual rather than just the symptoms. The aim of functional medicine is to try and reverse a condition, rather than simply manage symptoms.

To do this, we undertake a more in-depth medical history of your problems, lifestyle, diet and environment and from this overall picture, we get a more detailed understanding of the patient. We look for any signs of hormone imbalance, autoimmune disease and more, to give a complete assessment.

Whereas general medicine usually treats symptoms that occur after an illness or disease is discovered, Functional Medicine allows us to work with the patient to thoroughly examine their unique history, and to treat any underlying cause of disease. 

Functional Medicine can address and reduce inflammation and help improve the body’s long-term healing process, which can lead to much improved long-term health and well-being.

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